Hookah Vs Cigarette

Hookah vs cigarettes

“NO SMOKING” is a slogan we all have come across in our life, as we have seen it in most places. We are also aware of its hazardous effect on one’s health. The government has taken many steps to reduce smoking in open spaces, and though cigarette usage has dropped. Hookah or shisha, another form of tobacco is gaining popularity among the youth of today. So it can be taken into account that Hookah is better than cigarette

Hookah is a single-stemmed pipe used to smoke different flavoured tobacco. It contains a water pipe with a bowl of tobacco and coal, and a hose attached to it with a mouthpiece to draw the smoke in. Unlike cigarettes, hookah humidifies the tobacco smoke before inhalation and is meant to be safer than cigarettes.

The debate regarding hookah being better than cigarette had been going on for a long time. We step up into this debate and highlight a few reasons to support our opinions of whether – hookah is better than smoking cigarettes.

  • Variety of flavours

The foremost reason for hookah being better than cigarette is simple. There are a lot of options when it comes to taste and flavours. The flavours range from cherry, strawberry, cola, mint, coffee, coconut, apple, chocolate to other fruity blends.

All you have to do is, step into a tobacco store that sells molasses. And see for yourself the different variety of tobacco available. There is classical tobacco with or without nicotine, gels, and steam stones that you can opt for. However, if you are looking for pleasure by smoking hookah? Then go for classical tobacco. But if you are more health-conscious then you can go for the non-nicotine one.

afzal-fruit-flavour- hookah flavour


  • Better tastes

Secondly, in comparison to cigarettes, hookah tastes better. Though there are many tasty options in cigarettes too, like vanilla, cherry, and so on. But they all leave behind an unpleasant taste in our mouth. That is not found after a hookah session. Have you ever come across any such unlikeable taste in the past? Then you need to check whether your procedure of hookah making is right. A good hookah session will give you a fresh fruity or berry taste on your lips. And who wouldn’t like to experience that?


  • Indoor as well as outdoor

Another great point in the comparison between hookah and cigarette is both indoor and outdoor. Though cigarettes can be used indoors, it leaves behind a bad smell on our curtains, clothes, and sofas which are not found after the use of hookah. Hookah too leaves a staunch smell in the air, but not as strong as the smell in cigarettes.

It is mostly the fragrance of the flavour that you opt for.  After smoking cigarettes the air still have the staunch smell. It is tenacious even after a couple of hours. But while having a hookah session at home, don’t forget to leave the windows a bit open for the fresh air as it enhances the experience.

hookah smoke


  • Long-lasting

Another reason for the hookah to be better than cigarettes is – it lasts for a longer duration. If an average cigarette lasts for about 15 to 20 puffs, then an average hookah session lasts about 180 to 200 puffs.

This means it gives 10 times more enjoyment and 10 times more bliss to the consumer. And who wouldn’t like some extra fun and pleasure? But it is also recommended to have hookah sessions in a troupe. You will not want to take all the 100 to 200 puffs alone and get tipsy or have a headache.

Hookah is fun and enjoyable when you go slow and relish the flavour in the process. After all hookah sessions are to relax and enjoy the occasion.


  • The X Factor

One of the main arguments in the cigarette vs hookah discussion is its mystical X factor. We all have to admit that preparing for a hookah session is like preparing for a ritual. From the type of tobacco to be chosen, igniting the coal, setting up the hookah, and preparing oneself mentally for the hookah gathering is similar to getting ready before performing a ritual.

We all have to agree in unison that sitting down for a hookah session in it – an X factor. Sitting with a delicate glass bowl, the hose and the mouthpiece in hand gives a different impact than smoking cigarettes.

And the pleasure, fun, and relaxation hookah session provides to the consumers is nothing compared to smoking cigarettes. Moreover, hookah is generally taken for fun and respite other than to get high.


Though smoking tobacco with nicotine can be dangerous, hookah provides an option to consumers with non-nicotine and flavoured tobacco.

Hence, in the context of social smoking, these 5 reasons should demonstrate to you why hookah smoking is better than cigarettes. And it is always up to you to choose the tobacco you prefer – nicotine or the non-nicotine one, right?



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