How to set up a Hookah


For first-time hookah smokers, assembling a hookah may be a daunting task. To simplify the process of how to set up a hookah? a step by step guideline is given here. Follow the steps below to correctly set up your shisha, and get the best experience of a rejuvenating flavour with thick smoke.


How will you set your hookah bowl?


The shisha bowl or container is the most crucial part of a hookah setup. To obtain an exciting session of your narghile smoking, proper packing and assembling are necessary to appropriately set up the chillum. The universal approach of packing the kalian’s top is to sprinkle the tobacco or some herbal ingredients (in herbal flavour) lightly into the container and press it evenly to the container while keeping it below the bowl’s edge.


In other words, the smoker can use their fingers or use a hole cue to slightly dig into the container, so that no ingredients can come over the edge. Besides, one should put the ingredients below the edge around 1-2 mm to restrict any burning effect during the chillum smoking sessions. One needs to be sure that the tobacco or herbal components are uniformly spread across the container.


After this, you need two layers of durable and thick aluminium foil, to evade the burning effect on the topmost layer of the ingredient. Again, one should ensure that there are no wrinkles on the foil, and it sits tightly fit over the bowl. Thus, if the foil is thick, it helps to give protection from burning the shisha sessions. Besides, one vital aspect of thick foil is to prevent inhalation of any noxious chemicals. Now, when the foil is set properly, you can use a toothpick, if you do not have a hole rod, and punch three circles of holes. The holes should be 2-3 mm apart with an extra one hole over the stem to offer additional airflow. These holes will ensure the heat is consistently spread across so that the hookah does not get overheated.


In case, the chillum smoker is using Kaloud Lotus 1+, a heat management device, there is no need to place an aluminium foil over the container. You have to just put it over the bowl, and the process of smoking will start. Proper airflow is necessary to unclog the inner vents of the container so that the heat can circulate moderately within the bowl for heating the ingredients of the chillum properly. By this process, the narghile enthusiasts can enjoy a thick smoky session of kalian.


Setting up the Hookah stem


The shisha stem is one that holds the kalian container, tray, and pipe. In this step, the entire process of fixing a stem is illustrated below.


  • Affix the shisha base grommet


When the chillum stem is being set up, a rubber washer stem, which is the chillum’s glass base flexible loop aids in attaching the kalian’s base. It secures the hookah with air limitation for proper functioning. So, you have to hold the flexible loop from the base, and ensures that it appropriately fix to the chamber of the chillum pipe stalk. The cavity of the chillum’s trunk fixes on the glass base comprising of two holes at the base.


  • Secure the hookah container grommet


The chillum container’s flexible loop secures the head of the shisha to the trunk. It just fixes the container’s flexible loop to the trunk’s top portion. The cap is usually bigger than the chillum’s pipe opening washer.


  • Fix the chillum pipe grommet


Place the final stopper which is within the narghile setup package into the pipe’s outlet. It will ensure that the pipe has no air leakages.


  • Inspect the air valve ejection vent


The ejection valve socket is on a different side of the pipe’s outlet. A specific ball bearing of the air valve is set onto the shisha which allows limiting the airflow when the chillum is inhaled through the pipe.


Load up the chillum’s foundation with the right water level


You should particularly make it a point to fill up the level of water, preferably cool tap water in correct proportion, which can be till halfway of the shisha’s base. Now, when gauging the water level, you need to hold the kalian’s trunk positioning it in the shisha’s base. The level of water needs to be only an inch above the base of the narghile’s trunk for optimal smoking results. This helps to provide the correct proportion of air in the glass container so that the smoking session remains enjoyable.


Now, if the water level is above the required position, you should pour out the water, or else humidity may get in the pipe and forcefully eject the vent. Again, if the water level of the shisha does not go up to the narghile’s trunk, no smoke will be produced.


Set up the parts of the chillum


Now, when it is all loaded, you need to assemble the pieces of shisha by these steps:

  • Pop in the kalian’s trunk into the glass base, and ensure that the trunk is firmly set into the base.
  • Connect the chillum tray with the pipe’s opening
  • Fix in the chillum’s container to the vent where the shisha’s bowl cap is set. The cap should ensure that the container is stable, and also there are no air leakages.
  • Affix the pipe or tube of the hookah with the socket of the pipe. The cap of the pipe should assure that the pipe is strongly affixed when it is inserted, and also stops any air leakages.


Light the charcoal and enjoy the smoke session


Eventually, we can now start smoking the chillum by lighting up the charcoal by putting two to three pieces over the coil heater. The process should be put in motion slowly with the charcoals completely lit, or else one might inhale any chemical from the narghile itself.

Now, the chillum should be burning before usage, and it takes around five to eight minutes for this process to be completed. Now, once the process is ready, charcoals should be put over the narghile’s container or bowl. The chillum container should be heating up for two to five minutes before the smoking session starts with the perfect condition. This is how you know how to set up a hookah.

hookah setup

The success of hookah has been seen in the number of shisha parlours that have sprung up globally with the introduction of an innovative variety of flavours, thereby engaging more chillum smokers day by day.


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