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The 21st century has been the era of rebirth for Hookah in India. It’s known by many names around the world like shisha, chillum and narguile. The growing preference and enthusiasm for hookah smoke in the recent times, among the youth, has enabled the purveyor to introduce new flavours and techniques to provide a better experience.In this blog you will get to know about drinks to enjoy with hookah.

But apart from the tobacco flavour, a good hookah session can also be enjoyed with a number of drinks. This article is all about the clues on trendy drinks to enjoy with hookah and answering the when, what and how much of it?

For a regular tobacco smoker there are a lot of opportunity to enjoy a bowl of tobacco, one of it being – voguish drinks. But there are a few basic rules that one needs to follow to enjoy the session and not over do it. Just as you wouldn’t like the taste of orange juice immediately after brushing your mouth, similarly there are a few beverages that wouldn’t go well with a bowl of chillum.

Here are a few drinks to enjoy with hookah that will enhance your smoking experience. These beverages are essential to keep the smokers hydrated and not hinder their experience while smoking hookah.

Vanilla – The universal mixer

It is a fantastic universal mixer. Vanilla flavoured chillum goes well with most of the drinks. The mild vanilla flavour in hookah smoke combines well with most of the liquids and does not taste too strong or sweet.

Vanilla with hookah


Milk – An enticing choice

Enticing but odd – drinking milk with tobacco might sound so, isn’t it? Most may find the combination of milk and flavoured molasses awkward but cold milk works well with a variety of tobacco flavours. If you are a milk lover or like trying out new things then milk can be the right option for you.

Cold milk blends well with shisha flavours like spice, mints, chocolate, strawberry and cherry. The creamy texture of the milk along with flavoured narguile will make it taste like milkshake and give you an unforgettable experience.


But do keep in mind, smoking can sometimes make your stomach upset and if you are intolerant towards dairy products then do avoid this option. There are also other options other than the classical cow milk, like soya and almond milk that can be opted for. Though it is good for the health it contains a lot of fat which is not safe if consumed in large quantity while relaxing for the day in a hookah session.


Fresh or Mixed Drinks

Flavoured molasses also goes good with fresh fruit juices or some of the mixed drinks unless it is not too sugary or sweet. You can have a glass of fresh citrus fruits like orange to compliment the mint flavoured smoke.

Fresh fruit juices tend to enliven and energize you. Make sure you keep the drink light and something that compliments the flavour you are having. Balancing your drink to the shisha can be quiet overwhelming.

But here’s a tip, if you are interested in fruit drinks, then the best suggestion would be to go for a mint flavoured shisha and to avoid spice flavour unless you have an adventurous palate. Another simple pointer is to always mix the fruit flavours that often go together with your shisha flavour.

Drink Pairings With Hookah


Coffee – A popular drink

A classic and popular choice of drink to consider when you are a morning person. Coffee is a great choice to pair with any spice flavoured shisha.

Caffeine provides a break to your taste buds allowing you to enjoy the narguile session. Flavoured smoke combined with coffee, neutralizes the taste and helps you concentrate as you would like the session to last longer.

An important note to consider while having coffee is to stay away from sweet or citrus shisha flavours. Since coffee gives a comforting and enveloping feel, it pairs well with spice, floral or more rind flavours like cinnamon, cardamom, pumpkin pie or with coffee itself.

Coffee with hookah


Alcohol – Beer or cider

There is no doubt that we all have been to parties or events having hookah sessions and it is mostly accompanied by alcoholic beverages. The small sparkling froth in cider or beer paired with tobacco makes you feel enchanting.

As mentioned before, it is recommended that you go for a lighter beer while having a lighter tobacco flavour.  The stronger the tobacco flavour the stronger and darker the beer you can opt for. Keep the pairing balanced and if one flavour dominates the other then prolong the duration and keep it separate.

There are times when you keep smoking but you’re not able to taste the flavour. Having beer with hookah cleanses the tongue and helps you enjoy the session for a longer duration. A sip of a refreshing fluid can always boost the senses which have been dull for a long time.

The same principles apply for wine lovers. Always chose a dry wine while smoking a sweet tobacco flavour. Mint goes good with sweet wine.


Black tea or Green mint tea

As you all know hookah originated in the Middle East, where Hookah was a part of their tradition and culture. Other than this tobacco they were also fond of different types of tea, ranging from mint tea to peach tea.

So for at least once you should try out the different types of tea with hookah.  A sip of black or green mint tea can purify your senses and uplift your taste buds.

Hookah with green tea


Water – the best choice

Water is the best choice as you can mix it with everything and even go driving afterwards. A good suggestion is to have water with lemon or cucumber. Carbonated water can also be used by mixing it with different flavours.

Since smoking hookah can make you dry, drinking water is the golden rule to keep yourself hydrated and rejuvenated. Most of you might have come across moments when you suddenly feel dizzy and had to disrupt the session.

There is no need to worry in such situations; it’s just your body getting dehydrated due to so much nicotine. All you have to do is drink plenty of water and have a little snack before the session.


In short, you need to go with whatever suits you the best. But do keep yourself hydrated which is the most important rule. Any beverage you chose, should accompany your narguile. If you’re having sweet flavoured tobaccos then go for a drink that is opposite. And the other way round while having a sweet drink.  Moreover these above drinks are for consumption with the hookah and not to be put in it.

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