Q: How long will it take to get my Shisha?
A: It generally takes 60-75 mins, but if your order is delayed by any chance then we will keep you well informed.

Q: Who will collect the Shisha delivered and how?
A: We will collect it from the same place and deliver it. The pickup is scheduled with the delivery boy at the time of delivery.

Q: Are there any extra charges for delivery or pick up?
No, there are no charges as such.

Q: Will you provide us extra Coals or Tongs?
A: We provide you with everything needed to smoke a shisha which includes hookah, pipe, tongs, coals, and filters.

Q: How do we make payment and to whom?
A: The payment should be done online at the time of booking the subscription.

Q: Till what time do you take the orders?
A: We usually take orders till 12 am but make deliveries all night.

Q: Do you cater to small parties or big events?
A:That would be done offline and you should contact us for more details.

Q: Is there any service available in my area?
A: Input your address in the booking section and you can check our service availability.

Q: What is your package like?
A:Don’t worry! We have got you covered with our Discreet Packaging.

Q: What if some part of the shisha is damaged?
A: We trust our customer completely when it comes to taking care of the product but if something goes wrong, we charge you as per this:
1. Hookah @ Rs 800
2. Pipe @ Rs 200
3. Flavoured Bowl @ Rs 100
4. Tongs @ Rs 100
5. Rubber @ Rs 50

Q: Can I use my subscription at once?
A: Considering the lowest package, one cannot order more than one shisha in a week.

Q: How is the week counted?
A:The 7 days of the week is counted from the day it is subscribed.

Q: The subscription plan is for how many days?
A: It lasts for 4 weeks.

Q: Do you provide extra coal?
A: Yes, we do provide one extra coal to make your session last longer.

Q: Can I pre-order my hookah for the next week?
A: No, you cannot order your hookah for the next week. Rather you can just order the hookah for your running week.

Q: Is the delivery boy going to set up the shisha?
A: No, the delivery boy is only liable to deliver the shisha. He/she is not going to set up the shisha. You have to do it yourself as we are maintaining the norms of COVID19.

Q: Can I call and order the hookah on call?
A: Yes, you can order your hookah via call once the subscription is done online.

Q: Can I subscribe offline?
A: No, you cannot subscribe offline. It has to be done online along with the payment, and you can always book your shisha offline on call. Read more about no deposit casino bonus